Best Apps for Business – Small Business Marketing Strategy

If you have a local business and are looking for a small business marketing strategy that works, then you need to invest in the best apps for business advertising. Business apps are fast becoming the new search engine for mobile and tablet searches and taking advantage of this technology is now affordable for small businesses.

Small Business Marketing Strategy

Marketing is generally one of the most costly elements to any small business, but a vital for growth. Traditional marketing strategies such as flyers and postcards can work extremely well, but as more and more people rely on their mobile phones for instant information and become more accustomed to instant gratification when searching for information; this is the ideal way to promote. Email marketing is estimated to have only a 4% open and read rate, so 96% of the cost of email marketing is wasted. Mobile marketing has a 97% open and read rate and is also located on your local clients mobiles which they carry with them all day long.

One of the greatest advantages of mobile marketing is the ability to reach people instantly. With push notifications, you can send out a daily special and as the largest percentage of notifications are read within an hour of being sent. This means you can bring the clients through the door minutes after sending out your notification.

No other marketing tool, with the exception of Google maps, gives you such a geographically targeted audience for your small business marketing strategy. When making use of both these new technologies, you can dominate your market as well as ensure that you only make use of permission based marketing.

What are the Best Apps for Business

Making use of interactive apps for your business marketing will ensure that your customers come back for more. Some of the best features included in the apps are reward programs that offer free deals after a certain number of purchases or discounts for loyal customers. A one touch contact button means ease of use and making use of GPS functions means being able to offer fun interactive offers to those who venture within a radius of your shop.

Your app should also include unlimited notifications so that you can offer as many specials to as many local residents as you would like to without having to incur additional costs. The best apps for business should involve a single setup and development fee with a low maintenance and support monthly cost. Until recently small businesses may have found the price-tag of five to fifteen thousand dollars far beyond their reach for development costs, and fortunately, this is not longer necessary. For an initial investment of around $1500 for development and less than $40 a month service fee, you can have unlimited notifications.


The New York Times stated that mobile marketing is the most powerful media ever invented and now is the time to take advantage of it and grow your business. You can start marketing your business to local residents and can begin to see results within your very first notification submission. As a small business marketing strategy the investment you make in the best apps for business means spending less and reaching more clients who want your services and products.

Top Four Benefits of Working With a Local Small Business Marketing Consultant

If you’ve chosen to turn your small business marketing campaign over to a local small business marketing consultant, congratulations! You’ve just increased the amount of time you’ll be able to really focus on what you do best – running your business. You may also have just given yourself your life back. I meet many small business owners who have no personal life at all because they run their business most of the day and use what time would be spent with family and friends to do the marketing.

There are tons of choices when you decide to outsource internet marketing for your local business to a consultant. Large firm, medium sized company, or the one person operation – each has strengths and weaknesses. Your choice can be in your city or across the country. You could even go with a consultant from a different country. The thing that business owners must do is make sure that the consultant they choose is a good fit for their business.

If you run a local small business in a suburb of a larger city, if you can find an internet marketing consultant in your suburb that meets all your criteria it’s smart to choose this consultant to work with. There are four reasons that this is a good marketing strategy.

First of all, a consultant that lives in the same town as you’re doing business in will know your area and the local people better than someone who lives some place else. This gives insight and understanding that someone else just won’t have. If your target market is local, it’s of the utmost importance to know the culture and focus on that in your marketing strategy. A consultant who is part of that culture has experience marketing to that very group of people.

Second, a consultant who lives and works where you do business will know your competition. This part shouldn’t be ignored. A marketing consultant from across the country can easily do the research to get internet intelligence on your competition, but there may be things they miss by not being there. Many of the recommendations you’ll get from a local consultant will be built around what they know about your competition by observing locally.

Third, having your marketing resources local to you will be a great help if you truly need face to face help. There are times when being able to sit down and talk with someone over lunch or coffee makes all the difference in the world. As you build a relationship with your consultant, it can be much easier for many people to do that in person. This doesn’t mean that all your interaction will be face to face, but it can raise the comfort level when it’s an option to get together in person to discuss your internet marketing campaign.

Fourth, a local consultant has contacts in other industries and companies that can be leveraged where possible for the benefit of both entities. Relationships are key when working with consultants and relationships will help you expand your network. Joint ventures are one of the best ways to generate new leads and grow business. A local consultant who is involved in your community can put business owners together for the benefit of both.

Small business owners should be able to depend on the internet marketing professional they choose to understand the market, competition, and potential partners for them. By building a relationship with someone local, it’s easy to gain trust and maintain strong partnerships when you drive the same streets, live in the same neighborhoods, and see each other in the grocery store.

Kelly Dear works with small businesses to develop and implement individual online marketing strategies. Making sure each of the businesses she represents is found online by potential customers is key. If you are a small business owner who wants an honest and creative approach to online marketing, call Kelly to help develop the right plan for you.